During summer, the weather can get very hot, making your indoor environment uncomfortable. Having a comfortable home goes beyond installing an air conditioner; you have to ensure it remains in peak performance through regular maintenance by a professional. The period before peak summer is ideal for maintenance services to prepare your air conditioner for intense use later in the season. Here are seven significant reasons why you should schedule AC maintenance services before peak summer.

1. Better Indoor Air Quality

Optimal indoor air quality is vital for healthy living. AC filters remove dust, dirt, pet dander and other pollutants that are in the ambient air inside your home. When inhaled, these particles can cause or trigger respiratory conditions or allergies. During summer, the air conditioner is in maximum use, and the filters can accumulate dirt faster. The trapped particles clog the filter medium, restricting airflow.

As the system works harder to draw in air, some contaminants can pass through the filter and recirculate in your home. They may also accumulate in the ducts. As the air blows through them, it picks up the pollutants and blows them into your home. Polluted indoor air can trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory conditions. Keeping the air filters clean before summer ensures they can efficiently remove contaminants.

Some air conditioners use reusable air filters. These filters clean air by attracting the contaminants to an electrostatic surface as air passes through so only clean air leaves the system. You can clean these filters using a garden hose or soak them for about 10 minutes in a cleaning solution. Rinse properly and allow them to completely dry before reinstalling. If the filters show signs of damage, including holes, replace them with a new one that has the highest MERV rating the system allows. For disposable air filters, ensure you regularly inspect their condition. Replace dirty ones every three months or more frequently if you’re in an area prone to air pollution.

2. Energy Savings

Most air conditioners rely on electric power to provide the needed cooling in a home. In the summer, when the system is in maximum use, you will have higher energy bills. To minimize the rise in energy use, an HVAC technician can check the system during the maintenance appointment and ensure all the AC components are in good condition.

For instance, the evaporator and condenser coils may accumulate dust and grime after some time. The dirt adds an insulation layer, which prevents efficient heat transfer. These coils have a refrigerant that absorbs warmth from the air flowing into the system from your home. On heat absorption, the refrigerant vaporizes and flows to the condenser coils. Here, it releases the heat to the outdoor air and, on cooling, turns to liquid and moves back to the indoor unit.

When the coils are dirty, the air conditioner cannot adequately cool air and has to work harder to meet the temperature demands. This leads to high energy consumption. During maintenance services, the technician will clean the coils for optimal heat transfer and check the refrigerant level. Low amounts can reduce the system’s efficiency. Refrigerant leaks can occur when the coils crack. The technician will find the leaking spot, repair it and refill the refrigerator to the recommended levels.

3. Avoid Costly Repairs

When your air conditioner is in maximum operation in the peak summer, its components experience increased wear and tear. If your system breaks down, you may need emergency repair services. During this period, there is a high demand for technician services, which can be expensive.

Your system may have weird odors that make your home uncomfortable. Musty smells occur when mold and mildew grow on components in the system. They can release spores, which can trigger health issues. Burning smells arise when there are dirty parts that cause overheating. Worn-out bearings can also produce a burning smell, especially if working when unlubricated. The air conditioner has an electrical system whose wires typically have a plastic coating around them. If there are worn-out connections or faulty breakers and short circuits, the plastic coating can melt, resulting in a burning plastic smell.

When faulty, your air conditioner can also emit weird noises that can be distracting. For instance, banging sounds can occur when there is a problem with the compressor. This is the part responsible for distributing the refrigerant to the various AC parts for heat removal. There may also be screeching noises when there are issues with the fan motor or blower fan. During maintenance, the technician will ensure the components are in proper working condition to eradicate the weird odors and noises.

When conducting maintenance services, a technician thoroughly inspects the system and can notice a problem at its minor stage. Timely repair can prevent it from escalating. They will also lubricate the moving parts to avoid excess wear and tear. Unlubricated moving parts have friction that wears the components. Accumulated damage can result in system breakdown and demand costly repairs.

4. Prevent Premature System Replacement

AC maintenance can delay system replacement. Air conditioners have an average life span of 15 to 20 years and can vary based on the model and quality of care. Fixing potential problems before they escalate prevents premature replacement.

5. Warranty Compliance

Air conditioners have warranties that cover the costs of component repair or replacement if they fail due to workmanship errors. The coverage extends through a certain period, often 10 years, after which it is no longer valid. Most warranties require property owners to schedule maintenance services with professionals so the warranty remains valid. After the service, the technician will provide records and receipts that you can use as proof of maintenance.

6. Improved Indoor Comfort

A properly maintained air conditioner has optimal operation. It can provide even temperature regulation throughout your house when working efficiently. You can also enjoy better air humidity. As the warm indoor air passes over the evaporator coils, the moisture condenses and drips to the condensate drain. The air flowing back to the house has lower humidity levels for your comfort and to prevent mold growth.

You can have increased peace of mind after the maintenance service, knowing your system will reliably cool your home throughout the season.

7. Efficient Duct System

Problems like leaking ducts can reduce proper air distribution. After some time, ducts may be damaged due to physical impact or pest damage. They may also have gaps at the point of connection of different segments. These allow conditioned air to escape outside the ducts as unconditioned air flows inside. The technician will inspect the ductwork for damages and repair them to reduce air loss during heavy summer use.

There are several benefits you can enjoy in summer by scheduling air conditioner maintenance services before then. Our professionals at Jim Needham Heating Cooling Plumbing and Drain can tune up your system for optimal performance. Besides AC maintenance, we provide HVAC system installations and repairs to residents throughout the Denver, CO metro area. We also have professional plumbers to handle all your plumbing needs. Contact us today at Jim Needham Heating Cooling Plumbing and Drain for reliable services.

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