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Matt Helm
Matt Helm 3.0

We had an emergency at our rental and Jim Needham plumbing was able to respond quickly and get the job done. That's great, but I ended up with mixed feelings about the experience. Here's the rundown: Good: the plumber was at our place in about 2 hours ...after I first called. The source problem was quickly diagnosed as a failed pressure reduction valve (what I had figured). That part was replaced, some other work done, and there's been no problems since. Great! Not so good: customers want to understand, so they ask questions. In response the plumber got pretty defensive pretty quickly. Also, the cost to remove and replace the PRV seems high, especially considering that the replacement valve they used was nothing special. But another plumber that we know said that the total bill for all the work we got done "wasn't bad." So...well...not great...but ok. Overall, it's good that Needham could respond so quickly and get our emergency resolved. But at the same time it seems like this business has room for improvement.Read More...

Jerry Bensko
Jerry Bensko 5.0

I hired JNP after doing some research online and meeting with other companies for comparison. They are a great company and I will use them in the future. I experienced an issue and they went above and beyond to make it right which was very much ...appreciated. Can't say enough about JNP, great plumbers, but they are great people as well, top to bottom.Read More...

Jerry Bensko
Jerry Bensko 1.0

After I received their initial quote (which was the highest of the 3 I received) I determined they would be the most professional and trustworthy to complete the work which was my determining factor. It was determined that water to two buildings within ...my HOA would need to be turned off while the repairs were completed to the townhome. I communicated with their office on a proper appointment schedule so I could coordinate Aurora Water, JNP tech, my HOA, and the residents of the buildings impacted. An 8:00-11:00 window was booked at the office's suggestion so the tech could go straight from the office to the residence. This was booked in advance and could have been changed if I was given any notice. I was actually sent a confirmation text the day previous which I responded to confirming my appointment. I live approximately 200 miles from the property. I took the day off work, and left my home at 5:00 to make the 3 hour drive to be there at 8:00. I wanted to be onsite given all the circumstances and people impacted. Getting worried I finally called their office after 9:00 A.M. and was told my tech was booked on an "emergency call" and would get there as soon as possible. I reiterated the urgency of my situation and all the moving parts I had to bring together which was communicated previously. I was told they were sorry and my tech would be there as soon as possible but they weren't sure when. Tech arrived a little after 11:30, passed my window with Aurora Water, HOA, and what was promised to the building's residents. The only reason I went with JNP was to avoid this very situation. You pay quality companies a king's ransom because they show up when they say they will and complete what they say they will complete. JNP was not one of these companies for me. And basically being told my time, the HOA manager's time, Aurora Water's time, and the inconvenience done to approximately 40 units was done because a more profitable "emergency call" came in is disappointing.Read More...

Truman Hiatt
Truman Hiatt 5.0

Great service and employees. They installed our new water softener, and worked with us to track down a replacement for a defective part. The owner and employees were courteous and knowledgeable. Dennis was able to schedule the work the day after we ...called. We will definitely contact this business for all our future plumbing needs.Read More...

X Paul
X Paul 5.0

Herardo was very kind, professional & very knowledgeable about his work and what I needed repaired. Will definitely be using Jim Needham again 👍🏽

Danny Colfax Mallon
Danny Colfax Mallon 5.0

I will use Needham again.

Paul Starkey
Paul Starkey 5.0
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 5.0

These guys really are the best! For so many reasons. Thank you so much for all of your help these past several weeks!

Nancy Guzman
Nancy Guzman 1.0

Way over priced. We went with Planet Plumbing instead $200 less. Check out other plumbing companies before you say yes to this company.

David Chen
David Chen 1.0

I will not use Jim Needam again or recommend it to any friend or family due to their super expensive/ rip off charges! Technician is professional and did a good and quick job replacing burst pipe and faucet. However, I got charged 500 for the service. I ...think it is expensive for such a quick work and called other plumbing companies for an estimate. Most came back to be around 200. Good service but it is way way too expensive.Read More...