Our Reviews & Testimonials

Bobbi Kramp
Bobbi Kramp 5.0

Isaiah was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to fix all issues quickly and efficiently. I had my tankless water heater replaced last year with Zolle and I didn’t think anyone could be as nice as he was. I was wrong. Jim Needham seems ...to have a knack for hiring friendly, knowledgeable people. I’ve recommended them to friends in the past and will continue to do so.Read More...

Rebecca Shaw
Rebecca Shaw 4.0

Josh fixed my toilet and a drip under my sink in a most professional way.

Daniel Rebstock
Daniel Rebstock 5.0

Justan did an amazing job fixing my shower handle, main shut off valve, and prv valve. He was professional and courteous. I will definitely do business with this company again. Outstanding!

Dan Shepardson
Dan Shepardson 5.0

Dan is a great employee. Thoughtful, skilled, productive and well met. Service truck had all necessary tools available for quick response

Steve Tande
Steve Tande 5.0

Nolan did excellent job. Very professional and polite. Made sure we were completely satisfied, which we were. When done cleaned up the area nicely. Will use Jim Needham plumbing in the future

Rachael Sabell
Rachael Sabell 5.0

Jim was very helpful and responsive for detailing our issue with our kitchen sink.

Alexander Whiteman
Alexander Whiteman 1.0

I had Jim Needham come out for a drain cleaning on 10/29. They fixed my clog and removed my toilet for an exorbent amount of money ($1,100). The plumber told me a sewer scope was also included free of charge. I was satisfied at the time. One month ...later, the same drain is clogged, one that no one uses. I call to schedule the "free" sewer scope and have them come out to look at the same drain. The plumber comes and they want to charge me a fortune to clean the same drain again and make a big deal about the sewer scope, but reluctantly give in. I asked them to leave and they did. I think their prices are outrageous, but they do have nice people that answer the phones when you call.Read More...

Alyssa Lindgren
Alyssa Lindgren 1.0

This company is great if you want to be up-charged 300% for simple repairs. I will never suggest this company to any friends or family. Their pricing is unreasonable and a scam.

Jason Legg
Jason Legg 5.0
Chris Durand
Chris Durand 5.0

They walked in and immediately said the advertised $93 line cleaning would not apply here. Annoying but I expected it was a cheap advertising trick anyway. Once I agreed ro the $350+ drain snaking though, everything went smoothly. Ben the technician was ...friendly and professional and took care of the problem.Read More...

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