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Lori C
Lori C 5.0

Jeremy installed a sump pump for me. He was professional, courteous, communicated well, and did a superb job. Service was quick and efficient and I am more than satisfied with Jim Needham Heating Cooling and Plumbing.

Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost 5.0

Tyson has been to my house multiple times, and every single time he delivers exceptional service no matter what the challenge. It’s so good to have a plumber I can trust nearby. Can’t recommend Tyson enough!

Pamela Jensen
Pamela Jensen 5.0

Jerid was so kind took care of the job. He was wonderful explaining what had to be done. He was very kind to my Mom.Went the extra mile. Thank you Jerid and Jim Needham plumbing

David Martinez
David Martinez 5.0
cathy ardon
cathy ardon 5.0

He was pleasant and knowledgeable. He showed respect to me and my home. All pricing was discussed and approved before he started. I am very pleased with the end result.

Brad Waldrop
Brad Waldrop 5.0

Best company to work with. Very happy with all aspects

Sean Hurst
Sean Hurst 5.0

Jeremy Fast, Effective and very sufficient service!! Would highly recommend! Thank you

Jennie Lopez
Jennie Lopez 5.0

Crystal the plumbing technician that showed up at our home to preform our job was an amazing representative. She was knowledgeable and helped us get the best price for the plumbing issues we faced in our 1978 home. I would completely recommend using ...this company and especially this technician. The entire crew was amazing. So I do not feel you can go wrong with this companyRead More...

Baron McFarley
Baron McFarley 1.0

I was very disappointed by Jim Needham Plumbing services and was told by two other reputable plumbers that I was being taken advantage of. I have never written a bad review before and I reached out to Jim Needham two separate times to respond to the ...below concerns over the course of 50 days. They chose to ignore their customer and never responded. So, I am pasting my exact email that was sent to them below for transparency to others that need a trusted plumber: "Thank you again for responding to my service request. I was told by your technician that this would be an extensive job, costing me over $1,000 to fix a small pinhole leak in a brand new line that was professionally installed ~ 18 months ago. Another reputable plumbing company was able to come verify this within hours and wrote the following to me: "It is completely up to you, but I would recommend putting Jim Needham on your do-not-call list and take them out of consideration for the HOA and other homeowners. There are 3 different ways to fix the root cause of the issue without any drywall or collateral damage. This job itself ended up taking less than 30 minutes and is completely fixed now." The job ended up costing me less than $100. Just to ensure the above statement was not a fabrication, I asked another reputable plumber to compare the assessed issue and recommended fix between your company and the one that ended up doing the work. He confirmed that there were 3 ways to fix the job without cutting into drywall and also believed your recommended fix and quote to be very far from the minimum work needed to fix the root cause. He felt that you were gouging me."Read More...

scott higa
scott higa 5.0

I had a garbage disposal and sink shut off valve that were both leaking into a finished basement. I called to make a somewhat urgent appointment. The appointment process was prompt and professional. The plumber (Isaiah) evaluated the issues and provided ...a good working solution. The price for the repair was provided, and the work completed. The work area was well maintained, cleaned up, and tested. A very good experience.Read More...

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